Springfield Area Scoutreach Year 2
Tecumseh Council
Scoutreach is a term that embodies the outreach efforts in service to our areas that have the most at-risk and disadvantaged youth in underserved neighborhoods and communities. We recognize that these most at-risk and disadvantaged youth do not get any type of after school program except what is offered through the school. The Scoutreach program started on October 8, 2018 in two schools within the Springfield City School system: Perrin Woods and Fulton Elementary. We now serve Scoutreach through 3 Cub Scouts packs and 2 Scouts BSA troops with 95 youth members. Our Scoutreach program is the same as the Cub Scout program, however, we hire a coordinator to run the program (Cubmaster) and the teachers are the den leaders. The well-defined nature of the Cub Scout program focuses on the acquisition of skills and competencies necessary in school and life. Specific points of emphasis within a typical meeting may include bullying, drugs, personal fitness, healthy living (eating and exercise), faith formation, doing the right thing, conflict resolution, goal setting, citizenship, and community service. All of these points can be found in our Cub Scout handbooks. The youth will have the opportunity to earn achievements in the appropriate age and grade level Cub Scout handbook. All youth in the program after they earn their Bobcat Badge will be provided with the Cub Scout blue or tan shirt (whichever is appropriate for their grade-level.) Additional rewards include attendance at Cub Scout Day Camp and resident camp. Attendance matters as we learned from the Tufts University Study. The study found that youth that attend meetings regularly develop better character traits in Trustworthiness, Helpfulness, and kindness as compared to those that don’t attend Cub Scout meeting regularly. All youth that regularly attend the weekly meetings are eligible to attend our “spook-o-ree” and “family bash” (Cub Scout family weekends) as part of the program. We work with the Springfield City Schools to provide transportation for the event and the youth participate in all of the same activities with every other Cub Scout in the Council. They get to participate in climbing the rock wall, shooting BB guns, bow and arrows, crafts, gaga ball, crafts, fishing and rowing just to name a few. The Cub Scout program will provide the youth with a sense of belonging and consistency in their lives.
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