Support Expansion of Camp Honors Program
Boy Scouts of America, Lake Erie Council
In Scouting, the camp experience is the cornerstone where all the lessons taught and learned within the unit come together to build character through the development of good values, leadership, citizenship and fitness. In that regard, the camp experience is the laboratory where all the teaching, training and preparation comes to fruition, and is realized. Through Scouting’s summer camp program, young people are intellectually engaged, absorbed, and challenged; participate in extended conversations, discussions, exchanges of views; participate in sustained investigation of aspects of their own environment and experiences; take initiative and be responsible for their own accomplishments; overcome obstacles and solve problems; and, gain confidence in their own intellectual powers. They gain a sense of belonging within a group of their peers. The Lake Erie Council strives to enrich that experience by adding new challenges and opportunities to keep Scouts returning year after year. The recently implemented Beaumont Summer Camp Honors Program offers three different ways to encourage a Scout to further develop their leadership skills and character formation while having fun. The Order of the Arrow Erielohnan Lodge, Tribe of A’Chwai, and Wings of Leadership programs challenge Scouts individually and as a member of a team thereby providing new leadership opportunities. Having demonstrated success in its infancy, it is now our goal to formalize the Camp Honors Program which we believe will increase the quality and quantity of leadership engagement opportunities, thus improving each participant’s experience. Our first step in the formalization of the program will be to hire a dedicated program director who will market and promote the program, guide participants in their journey, and coordinate award presentations. Last year, 1,410 youth participated in our Camp Honors Program during Beaumont summer camp.
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