Rowing For Wellness
Dayton Rowing Foundation
The Dayton Rowing Foundation (DRF) and the Greater Dayton Rowing Association (GDRA) are creating a project, “Rowing for Wellness”, that will embody their mission to offer life-changing opportunities provided by the sport of rowing and to deliver first-class, accessible rowing resources to enrich the Dayton community and its members. This project will enable the GDRA to visit five Dayton middle schools and high schools to introduce the sport of rowing to the students through rowing machines. The GDRA coaches will work with physical education classes or hold an assembly for each school where students will be able to compete on the erg machines and learn about rowing. After the introduction, the students will be invited to join a rowing training camp that will last two weeks. During the training, they will be visited by a Sports Nutritionist who will use the practices to teach about the importance of healthy living and eating right. After two weeks on the water, each school’s students who participated in the camp will be racing crews in the “Dayton Showdown” a regatta held to highlight the skills the students developed over the two-week training. The final stage of this program is to build a scholarship fund so that no students will be turned away from the sport of rowing because of financial reasons. Any interested students will be invited to continue rowing in the GDRA programs. This program was created to share the sport of rowing with more youth in the Greater Dayton Area, but also to share the value of physical fitness and positive relationship building in an engaging and exciting way. Rowing is a team sport that provides incredible exercise. Without hard work, positive communication, collaboration, and focus rowing crews cannot be successful. This program is the DRF and GDRA’s way of teaching 21st-century skills and promoting the importance of healthy living in our community.
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