Race into Scouting
Tecumseh Council, Boy Scouts of America
The “Race into Scouting” program will be an essential part of our 2017 Fall Recruiting season. During the months of August through October, we believe we can recruit a record breaking 820 new boys by providing to each new Scout who registers a pinewood derby kit. Providing the kit as the school night ensures that the boy receives immediate recognition for signing up, and keeps them in-tune to the program until they reach the critical point of their first campout. In the Boy Scouts of America, we believe one of the most important keys to recruitment is getting the new Scout to attend camp as soon as possible. To ensure that the new scouts have this opportunity, we will be conducting the largest council pinewood derby during our Cub Scout Family Bash on October 14, 2017. A sponsorship from the Gray Foundation would pay for the pinewood derby kits that we distribute as part of the new member recruitment campaign. It is essential to spark enthusiasm for them to attend the family bash. At the sign-up night, we share information with the parents about the program and how their child will benefit. The pinewood derby kit is not only an immediate recognition tool but a retention tool. The pinewood derby kit incentive creates excitement and gets them in the room to hear about Scouting. Once these families attend family bash, we typically can keep them for at least the rest of the year. Those moms and dads can see the immediate results of being in Scouts. A Gray Foundation sponsorship will help us to continuously cultivate interest in young people joining the Boy Scouts of America. Our program helps children both academically and personally. The values that Scouts learn through the Scouting program will stay with them for a lifetime. We have a compelling story to tell. No other organization offers the type of life skills, character development, values and leadership opportunities. In Scouting, no child sits on the bench and every Scout gets a chance to shine with an achievement or merit badge that they are passionate about. One of our goals is to retain more youth. We hope with this grant to focus on some leading indicators of a successful program. One of those indicators is the number of youth that earn Cub Scouting’s joining badge, the “Bobcat” Badge. In 2016 at Family Bash, we conducted a ceremony with 183 youth earning the badge that weekend. We hope that number grows next year to over 200 youth. This is only one indicator of success but it is an important one. Between sports, music, clubs and other youth organizations there is extensive competition for membership. The pinewood derby incentive will help us stand out from those other organizations because of the immediacy of the incentive. Boys love cars and racing. Having the opportunity to build a car with their parents and then race it at our camp will help us successfully recruit new boys into Scouting.
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