Scoutreach - Toledo Public Schools
Erie Shores Council, BSA
In partnership with Toledo Public Schools (TPS), the Erie Shores Council has been in the process of expanded programming for youth in the center city through our "Scoutreach" program. Our last request of the Gray Foundation was to build upon prior successful programming with the Young Men of Excellence organization within TPS. This past school year resulted in some positive outcomes for the youth in these schools. While programming was not directly tied to the meetings of Young Men of Excellence (YMOE) as originally thought, a positive outcome was that after-school Scouting was occurring at 6 new program sites (13 new Packs/Troops/Crews), with overall growth of +87 Scouts over prior year (as of 6/30/16). Of significance to the Erie Shores council, are programs created at the MLK School for boys, Pickett Academy, JRM Mentoring, and Navarre School. Of the new sites formed, many of these boys are also attending Young Men of Excellence meetings, so they are being positively impacted from multiple programs. As a reminder of our relationship to TPS & YMOE, a couple of years ago, we were approached to provide programming on a periodic basis to about 150-200, 5th-12th grade boys. There are about 6 months of active program throughout the school year. YMOE chapters exist at 21 different TPS schools with over 400 members. Each chapter is guided by adult mentors/teachers and meet at their home school on a weekly basis. On a monthly basis, ALL chapters meet together at a common location on a Saturday morning where they break into groups of 25 and rotate through a variety of activities, learning about personal/professional development and exploring higher education. BSA has lead team-building activities and discussions regarding leadership and ethical decision making. Our Scoutreach program is gearing up for another year of growth, pending the outcome of discussions with the TPS principals – where we’ve been invited to present our programs system wide on August 10th. We have actively continued to seek the support of TPS administration, placing a representative on our local Board of Directors, specifically to assist membership outreach efforts. We currently identify 18 elementary schools within TPS not currently tied to a Scouting program in their immediate neighborhood. Our goal will be to continue last year’s work in opening new program locations with support of TPS and YMOE, and under the supervision of trained adult leaders. Please see attachment for a more thorough vision of what Scoutreach can become in the next 2-3 years within Erie Shores Council.
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