Indiana Students In Action
Multiplying Good
Formerly known as the Jefferson Awards Foundation, Multiplying Good (MG) is a national nonprofit that channels the power of public service to unleash potential in individuals with the aim of creating a positive ripple of good in communities across the country. Co-founded in 1972 by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Multiplying Good began as a celebration platform for public service. After decades of celebration and inspiration we saw a need for more. In 2006, we expanded our work to help youth develop a passion for creating community change and build the skills and confidence needed to do it well, by launching Students In Action (SIA) – our youth service, leadership and recognition program that activates the potential in each young person and multiplies the good they achieve. SIA prepares youth for success in school, work and life, while supporting our overall goal of elevating public service as the means to empower individuals. Multiplying Good’s Students In Action (SIA) program aligns closely with the mission of the Thomas J. and Marjorie S. Gray Foundation: ‘Developing Today’s Youth into Tomorrow’s Leaders’. Students In Action supports, trains and empowers todays youth to be leaders, problem solvers, entrepreneurs and impactful global citizens. By combining an evidence-based curriculum with real-world application and opportunities for community service, SIA gives young people the skills they need to be successful and to grow as empathetic leaders and changemakers in their communities. These skills include Leadership, Empathy, Communication, Self-Efficacy, Connection to Community, Impartiality, and Career Readiness – all critical to developing character and leadership in our youth. As a unique youth service and leadership development program, SIA combines immersive training, opportunities for engagement, and the prestigious awards platform - The Jefferson Awards - our organization is so widely known for to honor achievement. Through SIA youth discover their strengths and hone in on their passions. Our methodology equips them to positively impact the lives of those around them and in the process, fuels their personal growth, positively develops their character, and positions them to acquire the 21st-century skills they need to be successful in post-secondary education and the workforce. The impact of SIA is two-fold: service changes young people and the communities in which they serve; young people experience immense growth through participation in SIA and in turn have a multiplied impact on their schools and communities. Our approach brings together a diverse group of young people as we intentionally recruit student members across a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs, providing an optimal environment for youth to learn from and about each other, and engage in the study of understanding difference, tolerance, and empathy—all through the lens of volunteer service.
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