Black Swamp Scoutreach Initiative
Black Swamp Area Council, Boy Scouts
Changing the world one youth at a time is the goal of our efforts in Black Swamp Area Council, in serving and impacting the lives of the youth in the community, who would not otherwise be able to join Scouting. The programs of the Boy Scouts of America have been proven to inspire young people, and in Scouting character development, leadership skills are a prime focus for all aged youth. The goal is to development a maintainable program in several communities to engage those youth who are underserved or socially economically changed and unable to begin in a traditional Scouting program in the community. Through this effort, we will bring Scouting to more youth in the community through working with local school districts that want their students in the Scouting program. Through this effort, these same youth will transition into a traditional Scouting program in the community to continue with the Scouting program, upon nearing the end of this opportunity. Our established Scoutreach programing in Lima City Schools has proven to be successful. The only limiting aspect to our efforts in funding. Through a small grant from United Way we have developed a program that has proven to be effective. The Scouting program is designed to be structured and through positive reinforcing, hands-on activities and lessons, the acquisition of skills and competencies are introduced and reinforced for better learning and retention in youth. Scouting teaches the "soft skills" necessary for youth to be better students and successful in life. The Scoutreach program is designed to give youth the Scouting experience in a school setting. The program material will be provided to youth. Youth developmental skills of physical and mental development, relationship building and team-work, leadership skills and overall learning values are all part of Scoutings benefits. Scouts core values are also an integral part with Citizenship, Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Faith, Health & Fitness, Honesty, Perseverance, Positive Attitude, Resourcefulness, Respect & Responsibility, which are all meant to be developed and experienced in six areas encompassing believe in a higher power, world, country, community, family and self. In Scouting, youth grow stronger and are more likely to perform better in school with grades, attendance and positive participation. The goal ultimately is to engage new youth into Scouting and be able then to transition them into a traditional Scout group in the community for continuation in Scouting beyond this school groups programing. With our partnership with the school districts, our superintendents and school principals have requested the Scouting program because they understands its importance and positive impact on their students.
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