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Ohio Alliance of YMCAs Foundation
The YMCA Youth & Government program is a civics program targeted toward high school and middle school students that provides education and leadership training in the principles of a democratic society. The mission of the YMCA Youth & Government (YG) is to help create the next generation of thoughtful, committed, and active citizens. The purpose of YG is to bring the workings of state government to life for students. The YG program and activities create opportunities for students to discuss current issues with state administrators, elected officials, and students from schools and YMCAs throughout the state of Ohio. The first Youth & Government was organized in 1936 in the state of New York, and its original goal was to inspire and train youth to enter politics. Since then, the program has evolved and operates with a broader civic engagement goal. Currently, there are active YG programs in 38 states. All the states are connected by the YMCA of the USA and guided by a common motto: Democracy must be learned by each generation.
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