One Indy School
Peace Learning Center
Through the One Indy initiative, Peace Learning Center (PLC) has been serving students and families in six neighborhoods of Indianapolis that have been identified by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) as high priority areas due to high levels of crime and other factors. Children who live in these neighborhoods are six times more likely to be victims of crimes than children who live in any other neighborhood in the city. Peace Learning Center believes, and research shows, that prevention is better than intervention and the earlier it happens, the more effective it is. That is why the One Indy initiative targets early elementary students, their families, and teachers in the six identified neighborhoods. Now embarking on the third year of the initiative, One Indy has served nearly 900 early elementary students, 100 parents/guardians, and over 200 teachers and school staff each year. Research shows Peace Learning Center's approach, which focuses on improving school culture through teaching social-emotional learning skills and supporting the school's disciplinary procedures by replacing punitive shame-based methods with restorative practices, helps reduce the likelihood that students will misbehave and enhance educators' ability to ensure students are learning. Our in-class sessions are designed to increase students' protective factors to counterbalance the numerous risk factors they will experience throughout their lives. Our goal is that this will ultimately allow students to form positive connections with their schools, communities, and families. During PLC facilitated in-class sessions, our professional Youth Development Facilitators utilize evidence-based Cognitive Behavior and Social Emotional Learning techniques to deliver high-quality programs to the kindergarten and first-grade students. Facilitators teach a series of ten week(once per week in each class) protective factor and resiliency building lessons in all Preschool-1st-grade classrooms focused on the following topics: - Communities and Working Together - Self-Esteem and Personal Power - Mindfulness and My Brain - Communication and Listening - Conflict Resolution - Responsibility/Choices and Consequences - Bullying and Empathy - Persistence and Protective Factors - Upstander Skills One Indy Partner schools also receive hands-on support with their most pressing student issues through restorative circles (both proactive and responsive) to address specific behavioral and group concerns for all grade ranges. These practices help diffuse conflict, address unmet needs, and create safer and calmer schools. In addition to these in-class activities and restorative practices our One Indy Partner schools also receive the following PLC programs/services: - Family workshops to provide positive support and opportunities for parents to connect with their children's' schools, learn new methods for teaching their children how to behave, and how they can enhance their family's communication skills. - Full professional development to all staff to share best practices in social-emotional learning, positive discipline, restorative practices and bully prevention/upstander behavior. - A group of 15-20 students to be trained as Peers Making Peace conflict resolution mediators. - High school students trained as Peace Crew peer facilitators to facilitate peace education sessions with 3rd and 4th grade students. - Two interactive theater sessions provided by our program partner ACT Out Theater Ensemble to provide an opportunity to model peer mediation, conflict resolution skills, and restorative practices.
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