Youth Honey Bee class
Youth Bee Works
Our mission of Youth Bee Works is to educate and train people of all ages, especially youth, on becoming beekeepers and environmental leaders of ecology for the young generation, setting an example of being stewards of the environment. This is done primarily through honey bee education and our "adopt a hive" program. We partner with local schools to hold beekeeping courses throughout the year and invite interested students, upon completion of the course, to join our "adopt a hive" program. The adopt a hive program is a six-year program that begins in 7th grade. Our goal for this program is for each student to become a beekeeper who manages their hive throughout the year, mentoring the younger students in the bee class. We want to raise up leaders in the youth of today who are stewards of the environment and are instilled with values and the knowledge that empower themselves and others to understand our connection with the environment and act in accord with that knowledge.
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