Blast Off to Adventure Join Scouting Rocket Sponsorship
Tecumseh Council, BSA
The “Join Scouting Blast Off to Adventure” will be an essential part of recruiting a record number of new Cub Scouts throughout our August to October new member recruitment drive. We believe 800 new boys will join Scouting during this time period. Each new Scout will receive a rocket kit. Your sponsorship pays for the rocket kits as part of the new member recruitment campaign. Help ensure more area youth receive the life-long benefits of the Scouting program along with fostering their interest in science. Team Ohio Rocketry Club will teach Scouts about rocketry and help launch their rockets at an event on October 10. This sponsorship encourages interest in young people joining the Boy Scouts of America. Our programs help children both academically and personally. The values scouts learn through the Scouting program will stay with these individuals for a lifetime. Former Scouts, especially those who were Scouts five or more years, attribute the program with their developing positive character traits such as being a good team player, always being honest, taking better care of the environment, respecting the life and property of others, having pride in their country, respecting the elderly and having confidence in their abilities. 98% of men who were Scouts for five or more years graduated from high school, compared to 83% of men who were never in Scouting and 40% are college graduates, compared to only 16% who were never in Scouting. In addition, the rockets given out to new Scouts will create enthusiasm for science and technology. Existing Scouts can purchase rockets from our Scout store. Each Scout will receive a rocket kit that they will build with guidance from parents or Scout leaders. At the event, Team Ohio Rocketry will help install the engines and launch the rockets. Throughout the day, their members will discuss how rocketry applies to science and technology classes in school. They will also launch a variety of rockets that their members own. Team Ohio Rocketry puts on a great show that is educational and fun.
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