Support for At Risk Youth in Our Communities
ohio river valley council bsa
The Ohio River Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America seeks to expand our reach to at risk youth in our communities by increasing our number of outreach units. To expand we need to secure charter partners, which we are currently doing with success and secure additional funding for program facilitators at these locations as well as registration fees and program resources. The Ohio River Valley Council is addressing some unique local challenges and issues that include the opioid crisis, grandparents taking on the ongoing responsibility of parenting their grandchildren because of the inability for the children’s own parents to serve in that role, the higher than normal number and percentage of youth at-risk for a wide variety of reasons, the lower than normal number and percentage of trained adult volunteer leaders, and the additional costs in time and money of providing program support in different ways due to the impact of the Coronavirus. We would like to continue to develop a larger program for at-risk youth in our underserved communities. Partnering with local community centers, schools and churches will allow us to have access to meeting space for events and activities, include virtual activities and trainings, including a stem program, and offer an outdoor summer experience such as fishing derby and day camp. Our time-tested national program delivered locally is focused on developing youth into active and participating adults. The basis for our program is based on character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness through age-appropriate outdoor as well as informal and action-packed skills development that provides recognition for meeting stated requirements in reading, learning, serving, leading, and collaborating with others. Scouting’s unique combination of basic skills development through set standards coupled with individual youth member choices allows for a core basic knowledge by Scouts of a certain age and rank, and then providing individual elective choices by the youth member in areas of his/her own interest from a wide range of subjects. We need to seek additional funding to continue to provide and grow programs in our at-risk community neighborhoods. Our hope is to reach more youth by providing the scouting program to our underserved communities.
$5,000  Funded  Inspire