Latino Initiatives Central Indiana 2019-2020
Crossroads of America Council, BSA
This proposal seeks $60,000 over the next year to fund part-time program leaders while also offering assistance programs to Latino at-risk families in our Council. Crossroads of America Council, BSA aims to beneficially involve every eligible child and his or her family in the fun and adventure of our programs. We will provide extraordinary youth development programs that: strengthen values, develop leadership skills, provide lifelong learning and instill the habit of service to others. Crossroads of America Council will be widely acknowledged as a community and national leader in serving youth, families and neighborhoods. This result will be achieved through the partnership of: (1) children and families, (2) strong community organizations, (3) committed, trained volunteers, and (4) districts, board and staff able to align community resources in support of Scouting and Learning for Life. Through the Strategic Long Range Plan, the Crossroads of America Council, BSA is committed to a renewed effort to increase Latino youth served through our programming. We are primarily focused on our Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting programs. However, efforts to reach Latino youth are being made in promotions for all our programs including Venturing, Exploring, STEM Scouts, and Learning for Life (Reaching for Tomorrow). It is a primary focus of Crossroads of America Council’s Long Range Strategic Plan to increase service to Latino youth in communities throughout central Indiana. The Latino community is drastically underserved by Scouting in central Indiana though we know through analysis provided by the Pew Research Center, that Indiana’s population is 6% Hispanic and the 21st largest Hispanic population in the nation. Underservice is due to a number of factors including, but not limited to: language barriers, multiple cultural barriers, consistent leadership, and funding. Boy Scouts of America’s Latino Scouting outreach has evolved overtime and locally over the past three years the council has strived to engage the Latino community and serve youth through volunteer led Scout programs under the leadership of a Latina unit serving executive. With numerous attempts, countless hours, various marketing efforts, and engagement platforms, we have analyzed that serving low-income and at-risk youth communities through a volunteer led Scout program model is not ideal to best serve these youth. The implementation of an after-school program model, which is led by a paid part-time program leader showed an immediate positive effect and engaged significantly more youth through a consistent and well-organized program. Our long term goal with all program leader run units is to transition them to a fully volunteer led program. At this time, in order to best serve the Latino community an investment of a part-time program leaders is necessary. The U.S. Census Bureau report cites some major challenges facing Latinos in the United States: • The educational attainment of Latinos has improved but lags behind that of non-Latinos • Latino men and women continue to earn less than non-Latinos • The poverty rate for Latino families has not changed significantly, but because of population growth, the number of Latinos below the poverty level is 24 percent higher than just ten years ago. These economic factors make traditional Scouting program delivery difficult. Thus, we continue to work to expand program both with our traditional volunteer led programs as well as with our ScoutReach/After-School model. Local statistics per the U.S Census show that from 2000 to 2010 the Latino child population in Marion County grew by nearly 10% from 4.7 to 14.5%. From 2010 to 2030, the census projections show that nearly all Indiana counties will see substantial increases. Marion County is expected to have the largest numeric increase with 87,800. Locally, we use to identify Latino population communities. We will begin to incorpo
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