Indiana Students In Action
Multiplying Good
Public service is a powerful tool to help young people discover their true potential. At Multiplying Good (MG), our mission is to fuel personal growth and leadership through service to others. We believe some of life’s most valuable lessons come from putting others’ needs ahead of your own. For students, service-learning can lower the achievement gap and function as a strategy for keeping students engaged in their school environment, while strengthening communities through volunteer service. Through our innovative youth program, Students In Action (SIA), we provide Central Indiana youth the opportunity to realize their potential by gaining skills necessary to serve and lead as successful adults and civic-minded leaders. Backed by research, SIA is a comprehensive solution to many of the issues facing our youth and our nation today. SIA promotes character development through increased understanding, tolerance, and empathy. Character virtues learned through service advance efforts to reduce discrimination as youth develop greater emotional connections by working with others who are different from them, acquiring “perspective-taking” skills in the process. SIA is unique from other service learning and leadership programs in a number of ways. Specifically, our program: • Focuses on engaging a diverse cohort of youth, bringing them together to learn from and about each other through the process of community change. • Asks youth what they care about, and then provides the tools to help them investigate the needs of the community, plan and execute high-quality service projects. • Has a blended learning approach, providing youth with the skills they need to be empathetic leaders, problem solvers, entrepreneurs, and impactful global citizens via interactive online and in-person training. • Supports growth over time, as youth work through three pathways designed to build the soft-skills and technical skills needed for success as leaders. • Is driven by on-the-ground staff, including program managers and coaches, who provide direct support and instruction to participants. • Connects youth with a network of changemakers in their state, region, and nation through trainings and events. Other interventions aimed at arming youth with leadership and life skills necessary for achieving educational and career goals often overlook components which are critical to success in today’s world. Our ability to highlight activation of service through youth education and leadership on a national stage, sets MG and the SIA program apart and establishes us as the leader for recognition within this type of holistic learning environment. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the work of Students In Action, and our approach to promoting service to others, more important than ever. Building upon our progress over the last several years, we continue to cultivate relationships with like-minded partners who have youth-centered missions and aspire to help Indiana teens grow and thrive. We are most excited about our partnerships with Marion County Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) Program and the Purdue Polytechnic High School Network, which would allow us to reach more teens, especially those that are impacted by the issues they seek to change. We continue building these relationships and expect to expand our reach in Marion County and inner-city Indianapolis, delivering SIA to new schools and communities because of these partnerships. Our current Program Manager covers SIA in 11 counties across Central Indiana and has been instrumental in developing connections with these key organizations however, our greatest need is to bring on a dedicated Program Manager to focus on growing the SIA program in Marion County specifically, serving more students located in Greater Indianapolis communities. Funding for this project will enable us to recruit more inner-city and suburban youth to participate in skills-based service learning and character-building training.
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