Scoutreach Program Support
Boy Scouts of America, Lake Erie Council
Scoutreach is a term that encapsulates the Council’s outreach efforts in service to our areas most at-risk and disadvantaged youth in underserved neighborhoods and communities. Historically, program specialists have delivered traditionally based Scouting programming to schools and other partner organizations that have limited access to preventive values based character and educational programming. The highly structured and well-defined nature of Scoutreach programs focus on the acquisition of skills and competencies necessary for success in school and life; and address some of society’s most pressing issues impacting these young people. The Scoutreach program is currently being delivered to schools in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Scoutreach programming is curriculum driven. The program materials are designed to encompass youth developmental stages, including: physical development, mental development, relationship building strategies, and learning values. Furthermore, it is incrementally based (sequential steps and growth for achieving long term outcomes). Scoutreach programming integrates the following 12 core values: Citizenship, Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Faith, Health and Fitness, Honesty, Perseverance, Positive Attitude, Resourcefulness, Respect and Responsibility; which are meant to be developed and experienced in six areas: God, world, country, community, family and self. Individual and ongoing unit meetings focus on these 12 core values, and extrapolate them to everyday situations the Scout may encounter; and frame them within a variety of contexts. Specific points of focus within a unit meeting may include bullying, drugs and alcohol, personal fitness, healthy habits (eating and exercise), faith, doing the right thing (decision making exercises), resolving conflicts, setting goals, citizenship and community service – just to mention a few. As you know, the Lake Erie Council recently and successfully undertook a process to restructure our Scoutreach program to better serve these young people by implementing a service model with a heightened emphasis on program delivery, quality and consistency. In doing so, we shifted the model to utilize highly skilled educators (teachers) within the schools where the program is delivered. This helped to alleviate the high levels of turnover we were experiencing utilizing part-time program aides as well as stabilize the program and enhance program delivery through enhanced quality and consistency. In doing so, we were also able to implement a strategy to transition our best part-time program aides to full-time positions, which further helped to strengthen the program. This is evidenced in the fact that we were able to expand the program to serve nearly 1,700 youth and expand program locations from 47 schools to 54 schools. Furthermore, in applying Scouting’s new Family Scouting program, which now allows us to serve girls of Cub Scout age, we are now serving 292 girls through the Scoutreach program.
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