Because I Said I Would High School Chapter
Because I Said I Would
Because I said I would Chapters empower the next generation to make and keep promises and strengthen their self-control so that they may better the world around them. We accomplish this through character education that includes social-emotional and service learning components through the lens of character development. A student’s social and emotional learning skills are essential for their growth into adulthood. Our service works to enhance these complex competencies through a multi-faceted program. We include: self-awareness (how one feels about oneself), self-management (impulse-control and goal setting), relationship skills (communication, engagement, and teamwork), and responsible decision-making. Our nine lesson plans include components of each of these skills. The centerpiece of our program are regular monthly meetings of Chapter members. These meetings are adult directed and student led. Our students are taught, trained, and supported by our Chapter Relationship Management staff. Our Senior Motion Graphics Designers produce animation that is easily accessible and is relatable to this specific age group. This featured video introduces our code of honor and the life of a promise. We teach students perseverance and integrity through service leadership tools and opportunities. The habits and tactics are reinforced with the group of students for the entire school year. Chapters are led by a Leadership Team, a group of 5 select students who maintain all Chapter materials, meetings, and projects. This includes planning, scheduling, and facilitating monthly meetups open to all students at their local high school. The leaders also plan and execute the group volunteer projects, giving students the opportunity to engage the community while making and keeping promises that better the world they live in. Students are encouraged to keep promises to themselves, their peers, and their community. Students determine their individual action plans to achieve their goals and keep their promises. We provide students volunteer project plans. These opportunities are created to impact society in a measurable way while also providing students the ability to reflect on how their services affect those afflicted by a social issue. Students learn the needs of the community and practice following through on their commitment to help. In regards to how the program has helped them, one student said, “I made a promise to practice like I play, which doesn’t seem like a big promise, but to me it was. Some days I would feel lazy, or tired, and I really didn’t want to play. But I pulled through to make practice more fun for my teammates and coaches, who also might have struggled with the same thing.” Our students bond together as a “Because I said I would Chapter” and continue to make an impact in their homes, schools, and communities because they said they would.
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