Girl Executive Officer (GEO)
Girl Scouts of North East Ohio
Open to new and existing Girl Scouts, Girl Executive Officer (GEO) is targeted at girls who have an entrepreneurial spirit. In this program, currently being offered to middle school girls who attend Akron Public Schools, girls learn the basics of financial literacy. This is an important skill to have as they grow up since women, far more than men, are more likely to shoulder the responsibility of being the single head of a household with children. Additionally, money management skills are typically not offered in our schools, and financial literacy is something that would benefit anyone, regardless of their occupation. This program breaks down the planning stages of starting a business, having girls work together to brainstorm business ideas, identify customers, create a financial model, and write up a business plan. Girls learn how to successfully market themselves and their talents, a skill that will benefit them greatly in the future when they’re searching for a career.
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