Scoutreach - 20/20 Vision - For 2020 and Beyond
Boy Scouts of America - Erie Shores Council
A path forward into the year 2020, the "vision" Erie Shores Council has for best serving and impacting the lives of youth in our community is also as clear as having 20/20 vision. For several years, we have partnered with Toledo Public Schools (TPS), and other community organizations serving TPS students, to expand programming for youth in the center city through our "Scoutreach" program. The Gray Foundation has been a key funding partner since 2015, helping us launch a variety of new sites within TPS – giving more youth an opportunity to participate and begin developing their leadership skills. 2015-2016 membership increased with overall growth of +87 Scouts over prior year; 2016-2017 membership increased an additional 180 Scouts. 2018 saw in increase of 12 NEW units and 238 Scouts to finish 12/31/18 at 1,008 Scouts. Of significance to the Erie Shores council, are those programs created because of Gray Foundation support at a variety of TPS Elementary Schools and other community centers which continue today. Our Scoutreach program is gearing up for another year of growth, resulting from discussions with over 100 TPS principals and administrators last August – and where we’ve been invited to present our programs system-wide once again in August this year. As has been mentioned in prior grants, resources at Camp Miakonda are a significant asset to the students and teachers within TPS and includes a new Wildlife Educational Center, “Low COPE” team-building initiatives, and other leadership development resources. With a strong partnership between TPS administration, our local BSA Board of Directors, and other community organizations, we continue to succeed in expanding program in a sustainable model. This has been a win-win-win for all involved! Our goal in 2019-2020 will be to continue the past 4 year’s work in opening new program sites, as well as, deepening the staffing model to drive more consistency in mentoring youth. The leadership development curriculum under the supervision of trained adult leaders continues to expand to include volunteer resources from multiple districts throughout our council - its truly a team effort! In addition, as discussed over the past few years, Erie Shores Council would like for the Gray Foundation to consider a multi-year investment to continue to build on the establishment of a "named" endowment fund. Last years grant helped seed our longer-term goal of $1M, which would produce annual earnings near $50k per year towards direct program services. As noted previously, the future for our Scouts will be more secure financially once this endowment is established and funded. We are honored that the Gray Foundation committed to being the "First-In Investment" towards this effort, and we have used this example to discuss and help nurture others interested in doing similar work. Also, per prior conversations, it was mentioned that this foundation may "sunset" at a future point in time. As such, it would be our goal to find alternative funding resources in the future. To that end, we have adopted a model presentation which we have been sharing with community leaders (see attached). If the Gray Foundation would consider a plan that includes a "phase-out" over the next 5 years, would you be willing to do a grant of perhaps $50k annually, but with a split between program funding and continued support of our Scoutreach endowment ($30k/$20 now), and then each subsequent year decrease the program funding by $5-10k (So, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10), and increase the endowment investment by $5-10k each year (20, 25, 30, 35, 40). Such that at the end of 5 years, there would be a total Scoutreach Endowment Commitment by the Gray Foundation of $150-200k, which would fund approximately $7500-$10k of annual Scoutreach support in perpetuity. Would love the opportunity to share and discuss the concept further if you are interested.
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