Scoutreach – Tomorrow’s Leaders Today
Erie Shores Council, BSA
In partnership with Toledo Public Schools (TPS), and other community organizations serving TPS students, the Erie Shores Council is expanding programming for youth in the center city through our "Scoutreach" program. The Gray Foundation has been a key funding partner in helping us launch a variety of new sites within TPS – giving more youth an opportunity to participate and begin developing their leadership skills. 2015-2016 membership increased with overall growth of +87 Scouts over prior year; 2016-2017 membership increased an additional 180 Scouts for a total of 743 Scouts served in Scoutreach as of 6/30/17. Of significance to the Erie Shores council, are those programs created because of Gray Foundation support at a variety of TPS Elementary Schools through the 21st Century initiative. Our Scoutreach program is gearing up for another year of growth, resulting from discussions with over 100 TPS principals and administrators last August – and where we’ve been invited to present our programs system-wide once again on August 11th, 2017, with a TPS leadership retreat at Camp Miakonda on Tuesday, October 24th, so they may see first-hand all that is available to their students. Resources at Camp Miakonda are a significant asset to the students and teachers within TPS and includes a new Wildlife Educational Center, “Low COPE” team-building initiatives, and other leadership development resources. With a strong partnership between TPS administration, our local BSA Board of Directors, and other community organizations, we are poised for success. This has been a win-win-win for all involved! Our goal in 2017-2018 will be to continue the past 2 year’s work in opening new program sites, as well as, deepening the leadership development curriculum under the supervision of trained adult leaders. Please see attachment for a more thorough vision of what Scoutreach can become in the next 3 years within Erie Shores Council. In addition, as discussed during our meeting in July, Erie Shores Council would like for the Gray Foundation to consider either a multi-year, or single year investment towards the establishment of a "named" endowment fund specifically to secure the future of Scoutreach support for youth in our community. An investment at any level would be meaningful; however, named endowments as established by the Erie Shores Council trustees require a minimum investment of $25k. The longer-term goal is to secure $1M, which would produce annual earnings near $50k per year towards direct program services. As noted in the attachment titled "2017 Scoutreach Proposal Update," you can see a clear vision for our future, a future which will be more secure financially once this endowment is established and funded. We would be honored if the Gray Foundation would consider being the "First-In" gift towards this effort.
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