Gray Foundation scholarship
Girl Scouts of North East Ohio
The purpose of this project is to fund college scholarships for outstanding Girl Scouts in northeast Ohio. In the past, Girl Scouts of North East Ohio (GSNEO) has been able to offer scholarships to a limited number of graduating senior Girl Scouts each year based on funding availability. We have only limited endowment funding for scholarships at this time, and the majority of funds we award each year come out of our council operating budget. The scholarships that come from our operating budget are intended to provide an impact for the maximum number of girls, meaning that each girl receives a relatively small scholarship. Last year, we were able to award $14,750 in scholarships to 15 girls across our 18-county region, with $3,250 (or 22%) funded by a scholarship endowment restricted to girls who reside in only 5 of the counties we serve: Lorain, Erie, Huron, Sandusky and Seneca. These five counties comprise just 16% of our girl membership. The geographic restriction of our endowed funds has resulted in a situation in which girls in these counties have a higher probability of receiving a scholarship simply due to their county of residency. We hope to eliminate this bias by securing more scholarship funding that can be awarded to girls in any of our 18 counties. This grant would be a pilot to show the Thomas J. and Marjorie S. Gray Foundation the caliber of candidates that would greatly benefit from the development of a college scholarship fund at GSNEO. Girl Scout staff have developed an application specifically for the Gray Foundation scholarship with a focus more on academic accomplishments and service to the community as opposed to financial need. In its first year, Girl Scouts would award up to three $5,000 scholarships to girls who show exceptional leadership and commitment to Girl Scouts. Our hope is that the Gray Foundation will invest in building girl leadership by setting up a large scholarship fund from which GSNEO will be able to award one or two $5,000 scholarships annually. Our goal for the Gray Foundation scholarship is that it will help enable outstanding girls to reach further and achieve more than they would have without this opportunity.
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