ProAct Indy’s Summer Service Learning Program
ProAct Indy
ProAct Indy’s Summer Service Learning Camp Program provides disadvantaged youth with the opportunity to create and implement service projects that build and support their own communities during the summer. This summer program will be executed through partnerships with nonprofit organizations in Central Indiana, specifically in Marion County. Participants will be able to meet two times per week for eight weeks in June-July to learn about important issues affecting their communities and work together with community members to create solutions. Our model uses field-based experiences to surprise or challenge youths’ world view and deepen youths’ abilities. Each project exposes our youth to something new. Youth do projects in places that enable them to learn about neighborhoods, social issues, forms of community service, and daily life patterns that are different from their own. They may meet a group from another economic background, ethnic heritage, religious upbringing, or physical landscape, for example. Each of week of camp will feature a specific community need, ranging from environmental issues, issues related to homelessness, and food insecurity. Through the course of our Summer Service Learning Camp Program, youth will become familiar with the issues and pulse of each neighborhood they serve. In the process, they will learn why people live as they do; jobs, transportation, and other factors affect the paths of families and neighborhoods; and what makes some service interventions more effective than others. They will also build skills in event planning, logistics management, volunteer training and supervision, demographic research, field interviewing, and other topics that transform them from naïve or reactive community servants into informed, reflective, and intentional community servants.
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