Girls Leadership Institute
Louisville Girls Leadership
Louisville Girls Leadership creates an immersive experience in which high school girls develop meaningful skills and relationships. As members of an inclusive community, girls amplify their societal impact, becoming exceptional leaders in their world. For 20 years, LGL has offered a year-long program for sophomore girls who already exhibit strong leadership potential. These girls meet monthly to build relationships with other girls from across the city, learn from speakers, participate in sessions designed to strengthen their skills as leaders, and ultimately graduate with the confidence and the tools they need to lead in Louisville and beyond. What makes LGL so unique is that juniors and seniors who have graduated from the program can elect to join a Steering Committee in which they work with our Program Coordinator to choose and plan the curriculum for the incoming class, putting the very skills they learned as sophomores into practice in a supportive environment. In this way, LGL is truly girl-run and girl-led. Program participants frequently recognize the power of both leading and learning from other teens within the community, rather than from an adult who is not fully aware of the specific challenges faced by young women of today. This year, for the very first time, LGL is proud to announce the inaugural Girls Leadership Institute, which will enable us to reach more girls than ever before, and effectively double our impact. Offered in partnership with Spalding University in Louisville, the Girls Leadership Institute is a three-day immersive residential program offered over the summer, where girls from across Louisville Metro unite to hone their inherent leadership potential, strengthen self-confidence, and forge formative relationships through an immersive curriculum developed by girls, for girls. The curriculum for the program is focused on responsibility: civic, personal, and financial. Most importantly, this program is offered to all girls free of charge so that no girl is barred from participating due to her socioeconomic circumstances. The space that the Girls Leadership Institute creates is one where rising junior and senior girls have the opportunity to discover what they do best, and to consider what it means to apply this learning to their future collegiate and professional pursuits. Gallup’s StrengthsQuest (an online assessment) will serve as the foundation of the Institute curriculum. Gallup has worked with K-12 schools for decades and has amassed more behavioral and attitudinal research than any other organization. This research has proven that people who learn to use their strengths are nearly 8% more productive than those who do not ( StrengthsQuest empowers individuals to recognize, appreciate, and develop their strengths; Spalding has three employees who are Gallup-certified Strengths coaches who will administer the test and help girls realize their power and strength. Advocacy is another cornerstone of the experience, and students gain an increased awareness of issues impacting their community while discovering and practicing the tools needed to ignite change. Students will learn directly from activists, advocates, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professional experts whose insights will help to cultivate leadership through skills labs in areas such as public speaking, project management, and personal branding. At the same time, girls will experience first-hand what life is like on a college campus, many for the very first time. Workshops, lectures, and guided conversations will yield transferable, real-world skills for students, enabling them to further develop as change agents in their communities while advancing the causes they care about most. Upon graduation from the program, girls will have developed the skills and alliances they need to become visionary community leaders.
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