Latino and Burmese Initiative in Indianapolis, IN
Crossroads of America Council, BSA
Our fundamental goal is to provide Scout programming to all youth and make significant efforts to serve those who need Scouting the most. With financial support of $60,000 from the Thomas and Marjorie Gray Foundation, the Crossroads of America Council will be able to positively impact the number of Latino and Burmese youth served in central Indiana, southern Marion County. We will lead the way developing best practices, create models and methods to serve the quickly growing Latino and Burmese populations, and become a more inclusive and diverse population by equipping our units with Program Aides. The implementation of an after-school program model, which is led by a paid, part-time Program Aid has shown an immediate positive effect and has engaged significantly more youth through a consistent and well-organized program. Hiring four staff members to support the Latino and Burmese programs ( two for Latino and two for Burmese) through communication assistance, volunteer identification, hands-on training, and youth engagement has been an asset to this program to help reach our goals. Recognizing the immediate need for Program Aides shows just how profoundly the Latino initiative program has progressed. We have already recruited two Burmese Program Aids due to the success of the Latino Initiative approach. Motivating our youth to participate in consistent weekly meetings, after-school enrichment activities, camp participation, and community service has engaged and sparked an interest in the community-both at the youth and guardian levels-providing character development, citizenship training, and growth in physical, mental and spiritual fitness, to help create the next generation of leaders. It is our hope the Thomas and Marjorie Gray Foundation will partner with Crossroads of America Council, BSA to provide excellence in our commitment to community to cover the salaries of four newly hired Program Aides to further meet the demands of our exciting growth. They will be able to break down communication barriers that typically provide an obstacle between Scouting and Latino and Burmese families that do not know anything about our program. Program Aids will possess all these required skills: • Provide positive professional example to volunteers • Communicate effectively with parents and community leaders • Organizational skills and proven ability to work with minimal supervision • Ethical conduct and confidentiality always required • Strategic thinking and problem-solving proficiency • Ability to have credibility in the communities they serve The US Census has predicted that by the year 2030, Latino Populations in Indianapolis will be over 87,000 individuals. Currently, we serve 1,853 Latino Scouts in our organization. We want this to be on par with the national average of 10% density of our traditional Scouting communities. The Burmese population in Marion County is 14,000. This is growing by 1,100 to 1,350 new individuals every year. We have already recruited 39 Burmese youth into Scouting. Burmese recruitment was always in our strategic plan, however, the Burmese population came to us and wanted to be part of Scouting in 2019. They had a bus-full of families show up to the Fiesta at Camp Belzer in the Fall and expedited our move to recruit them now instead of later. Our goal is to gradually increase the number of Burmese Scouts we serve every year until we serve as many youth as traditional Scouting programs. Providing extraordinary youth development programs that strengthen values, develop leadership skills, provide lifelong learning and instill the habit of service to others is the vision of Crossroads of America Council- BSA. If we meet families in their own place, we succeed in growing Scouting. This is evident in our program now as we need to move to the important step of hiring Program Aides to help support our expanding youth numbers.
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