Thomas J. Gray Eagle Scout Scholarship
Greater Cleveland Council, Boy Scouts of America
This is a gift to the Scholarship Fund to provide future scholarships to Eagle Scouts enabling their future education in the spirit of the original creation of the Thomas J. Gray Eagle Scout Scholarship. It is comprised of two parts - a Pilot Project to determine the effectiveness of this approach and, if the Pilot is determined by the Foundation to be successful, an Endowment Gift to fund it long term. It is expected that candidates will exemplify the spirit and character that is embodied in the rank of Eagle Scout and that they will be able to serve as an ambassador for the Boy Scouts and the Greater Cleveland Council and be able to serve as a mentor to younger scouts as they reach to achieve their own potential. Candidates should apply by December 31st for an award by early February of the following year. Applications should include a statement by the Candidate on what their service to the Boy Scouts means to them in their career development and a copy of their current academic record. It should also include recommendations from at least one Adult and one Youth leader from a troop with which they are currently affiliated and at least one recommendation from an academic reference (preferably their advisor) illustrating their character, ability, and commitment to their education. A single Awardee may receive up to two annual awards from this fund, but not in consecutive years, and cannot be within a year of graduation.
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