New Unit Growth Project
Lake Erie Council, Boy Scouts of America
The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives, this has been true for Scouting as well. In 2020 do to the quarantine and restrictions placed on personal interactions, most Cub Scout Packs and a majority of Troops ceased operations. In the Spring of 2020, Lake Erie Council began providing over 25 hours a week of online content to Packs and Troops to help fill in the gap of the lack of Unit programing. Before summer camp 2020 Troops that had a strong leadership corps where able to pivot and begin socially distanced meetings and attended summer. Due to the uncertainty of schools reopening in person this fall, Cub Scout Packs took a pause, this has led to an increase in dropped Units and youth. The plan with the New Unit Growth Project, is to start or restart 50 Units by this September 2021. To meet this goal, we have restructured the staff to allocate two executives to concentrate on creating new Units and four executives to work directly with the new units to recruit volunteers, train leaders, develop the program plan, recruit youth, and execute the unit program.
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